MODERE offers a collection of highly innovative and carefully designed products that respect your health and the environment. With more than 30 years of experience, MODERE now offers network marketing opportunities in Canada.

Type : Business opportunity
Units: N/A
Started: 1990
Investment :Starting at $150
Franchise fee : $40



- More than 25 years of experience, 10/10 control

- Recyclable packaging, biodegradable ingredients

- BPA free, Paraben free, GMO free, not tested on animals

- Wind energy manufacturing

- The only company in the world to eliminate over 3000 toxic ingredients in its products

MODERE, a new idea

Benefits for my company

- Teamwork while remaining independent

- Social Retail: the alliance of Social Shopping and Network Marketing

- The customer has many advantages which promotes loyalty

- I participate in a better lifestyle for humanity while protecting my planet

- Starting at 150 CAD (including franchise and products)

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